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Economic Development

In my final term as city councilor, I will continue to prioritize the creation of quality jobs in the neighborhoods in Ward 15, as well as throughout the city of Providence. To me, economic development and community development are one in the same, and I will continue to ensure city resources are allocated to public schools, parks, streets, sidewalks and youth groups in the city.

Constituent Services

My vision is that the neighborhoods in my ward and throughout Providence will continue to provide a good quality of life to the working families who live there while remaining affordable, creating spaces where people are able to live, work, play and raise a family. I am committed to providing quality jobs, clean and healthy streets and more immediate access to public transportation. I vow to keep my door open to all of my constituents and always put their needs before my own.

Cell: (401) 400-1315

Public Safety

Providence Police and Firefighters should have the financial resources they need to do their jobs in making sure people feel safe in their homes and children feel safe playing outside. I am committed to continuing to engage the community and the police to ensure healthy interactions while improving public safety, which includes addressing abandoned buildings and streets and sidewalks in disrepair.